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The lake is 55.8 km, the altitude of the lake 3263m, the maximum width of the lake 3.3 km, the maximum depth of the lake 500 m, the maximum amount of water in the lake is 16.074 km3, the incoming part of the balance 47.1 m3 / s = 1487 million m3 , expenses balance 47.7 m3 / s = 1505 million m3, maximum seasonal fluctuation “6 (18), in 1911goda 23ch.15 min.  Khorog felt a strong push.  In Sarez all jumped out of the tents, shouting and crying.  Two tents were filled up, four cracked.  From the west came the wild roar.  He mingled with the howling of falling avalanches.  Moon over Mardzhanaem beginning to fade.  In the morning it was all in the dust hanging in the air, and the ground continued to shake.  When the boys came up to where he was Usoy, village they saw.  Instead, the towering mountain of boulders. ”  Describes eyewitness OE  Agahanyants (1989).

​So begins the story of Lake Sarez, which was formed by the collapse of a huge block of rock from the right side of the valley of the river Murghab after the earthquake.

Earthquake swept a vast area of the Pamirs and northern Afghanistan.  Earthquake parameters are:

  • Time: 18 hours 41 minutes 14 seconds;
  • epicenter coordinates: latitude 38.2? Latitude, longitude 72.8?;
  • magnitude: M = 7.4 on the Richter scale;
  • intensity of tremors on the surface in the epicentral area of 9-10 ballov scale EMS – EMS – 98;

• 70-75 km depth of the epicenter.