Lake Bulunkul

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Lake formed by the dam, which blocked the river Alichur.  The length of the dam of 4 km, the power of 100-110 meters.  Water flows over the southern edge of the dam, and from here begins the Gunt River, which flows through the 200 km in the river Panj.  On the obstruction is an old trail, next to which was discovered by geologists granite boulder with inscriptions in Arabic that tell us who in the old days paved the way here.

At the mouth of the swampy terrain Alichur, many sedges.  It is the smallest, the eastern part Jashilkul.  Bright green spot is allocated the river flows into the lake.  Near the mouth of Alichur is hot sulfuric water springs Issyk-Bulak.  The water in it has four griffins along the foot of the granite massif, and reaches a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius.  Source is surrounded by crumbling adobe buildings (possibly shrines or mausoleums), people here consider him a “saint.”  Small clay building has a pool to collect water from a hot spring.

​On the north side of the lake are steep granite cliffs fit almost to the water, leaving only a narrow strip of road shore width of several meters.  If we move to the northern shore, you can reach the dam, the lake was formed.  Car track on the north side only leads to the confluence of the River Great Lake Mardzhanay, and further, to the dam, there is a walking trail.  To get to the north shore Jashilkul, we must cross the shallow river Alichur at its confluence into the lake.

Associated with the lake are many legends and myths.  The oldest of them – the legend of the great animal, called a local Kyrgyz as Tuya-su – “water camel” that lives in the lake.

Jashilkul is building on waterworks, which will regulate the flow of water used for agricultural irrigation and power generation.