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Hotels in Tajikistan cater to the customer who would like to spend their vacation in pleasure. Hotels in Tajikistan offer personalized accommodation and services to its customers. They provide the best and world class service. They offer you a wide range of facilities like secure booking, providing ambassador rooms, luxury suites and banquet halls, casino gambling, gym etc. ​​

Tajik Hotels are spacious and give a feel of the modern, contemporary and old architecture of the city. You will find rooms which are mountain facing, river facing rooms with modern architecture or rooms which are old fashioned.

Hotels in Tajikistan enjoy popularity due to their priority of professionalism and comfort. The hotels are friendly, attentive, and efficient staff is committed to providing the highest quality of service. All hotels meet the high requirements of international standards, with modern, spacious, high-ceilinged rooms including singles, doubles, and 2 or 3-room suites. Rooms are designed for comfort, and have privately-controlled air conditioning/heating; the sound-proof windows ensure peace and quiet. The pristine bathrooms are fully fitted with modern fixtures and supplied with dressing gowns, slippers, and toiletries. Each room is equipped with a mini-bar/fridge, TV with international channels, computer with internet and fax connection, and telephone with international service. Hotels can also accommodate various business events such asprivate appointments, conferences, seminars and forums.

We offer a wide variety of Tajikistan hotels and other options from cheap accommodation to luxury hotels to suit any budget, wherever you travel for business or leisure.

List of hotels in Tajikistan.


Serena Hotel (5 star)

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+992  (93)  563  71 41


Avesto Hotel (3 star)

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+992  (93)  563  71 41


Tajikistan Hotel (4 Star)

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+992  (93)  563  71 41


Hotel Said (Pamir)

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+992  (93)  563  71 41


Taj Palace (Grand Asia) Hotel (4 star)

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+992  (93)  563  71 41


Dushanbe (Poitaht) Hotel (3 star)

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+992  (93)  563  71 41


Hotel Serena (Khorog)

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+992  (93)  563  71 41

«Pamir Lodge»

Hidden, in the valley of great mountains, the Pamir Lodge is long-awaited shelter in Khorog on your way to you long wanted trip around GBAO.

For centuries travellers passed through the Great Silk Road connecting East and West. More than a decade ago this region was an arena of great game between Russian Empire and the Great Britain.

Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and unique hospitality, where traditional motifs admirably interlace with the dynamics of the modern world.


  • Rent of tents, setting up tents at the territory of the «Pamir Lodge»
  • Translation services
  • Access to Internet


GBAO, Khorog, UPD, 46 Gagarin Str.

Phone: (+992) (3522) 265 45; (93) 592 10 04

E-mail: pamirlodge@hotmail.com

Tajik visas cannot be obtained at the border. You must obtain a visa in advance of travel to Tajikistan. However, visas can be obtained from Tajik embassies in most of Tajikistan’s neighbor states.

Follow the steps on this page to obtain a Tajik visa:​

1.  Obtain a letter of invitation

You must be invited to Tajikistan by an organization that is legally registered with the Ministry of Justice (or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The organisation will prepare a letter of invitation, which must be ratified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you wish to come to Tajikistan as a tourist, you can apply for a letter of invitation from the BOMI JAHON TOUR company. An online application form is provided. You can use this letter to apply for a single-entry tourist visa, valid for up to one month. If necessary, your visa can be extended after arrival in Tajikistan. Apply for a letter of invitation for a Tajik tourist visa.


  • Full name/surname
  • passport data copy passport scanner from original (passport number and passports)
  • data and place of birth
  • citizenship
  • position and place of job
  • photo (4×5) copies with two photos for each embassy of the visiting countries
  • the dates of issue/expiry
  • place of work and occupation, abode address
  • exact dates arrival and departure
  • place of visa application and purpose of visit.

Visa support costs: up to 30 – 50 $ USD per/per. depending on the visiting country.

COST OF VISA:$ 40-60 per pax depends on duration, entry numbers, country of visit. In that case if there is embassy of Central Asian country the tourists desire to visit the visas must be obtained in the above embassy.

2. Locate your nearest Tajik Embassy

Find your nearest embassy by choosing the country closest to where you live:

If there is no Tajik embassy in your country, try contacting the Russian embassy. Russian embassies have handled Tajik visas since 1991. However, I have received reports recently that this policy is changing. Some Russian embassies are now refusing to process visas for Tajikistan. It’s still worth asking. You can also submit your application by post to a Tajik embassy in a neighboring country.

3. Complete a visa application form Obtain an application form from your local Tajik or Russian embassy. You should also ask what the fee is for a single entry visa, and what methods of payment are acceptable.

4. Submit your visa application

To apply for your visa, take (or post) the following items to the embassy:

  • Your passport
  • Your letter of invitation
  • A completed visa application form
  • Three passport photographs
  • The appropriate fee

Tajikistan’s embassies and consulates abroad​

Embassy to Germany
Address: Otto Suho Allee 84, 10585 BERLIN
Tel. +49 (30) 3479300, +49 (30) 34793018
Fax +49 (30) 34793029
E-mail: info@botschaft-tadschikistan.de
Website: Botschaft der Republik Tadschikistan (in German)
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 0900-1800; 0900-1300 (consular section).
Ambassador: Nurali Saidov

Embassy to Belgium
Address: Avenue Louise 362-365, 1050 Brussels
Tel 0032 2 6406933
Fax 0032 2 6490195
Consular department – Mr. Khamidov
e-mail: tajem-belgium@skynet.be

Embassy to Austria
(Embassy of Tajikistan to Austria also covered Switzerland and Hungary.)
Address: Universitatstr 8/1a,Vienna, Austria1090
Telephone: 0043-1-4098266
Fax: 0043-1-409826614, +43 (1) 409826615
Website: Embassy of Tajikistan to Austria
Ambassador: Zaripov Khamrokhon.

Embassy to Iran
Address: Shahid Zinali r.3, 610 Khiyobon Maid. Kiyobaron, Tehran
Tel. +98 (21) 2299584
Fax +98 (21) 2291607
Ambassador: Toshmad Radjabovich Nazirov
Visa application procedure

Embassy to Belarus
Address: 220050 Kirova 17, Minsk
Telephone: + 375 17 2277613, + 375 17 2223798
Fax: + 375 17 2277613
Visa application procedure

Embassy to China
Address: Tayuan d.4 k.1 flat 31,100600 Beijing
Tel. +86 (10) 65323039, +86 (10) 65322598
Fax +86 (10) 65323039
Ambassador: Jamshed Khilolovich Karimov
Visa application procedure

Embassy to Pakistan
Address: H.No.6, Main Margalla Road, F-7/3, Islamabad
Tel. +92 (51) 2270097
Fax +92 (51) 2270567
E-mail: tajikcns@isb.comsats.net.pk
Ambassador: Bobojon Khojiev
Visa application procedure Tajikistan Mission in Karachi
Address: Karachi
Tel. +92 (21) 5847690
Fax +92 (21) 5840060

Embassy to Turkey
Mahatma Gandi Cad. 36,Gaziosmanpasa, ANKARA
Tel : ++90.312 – 446 1602
Fax : ++90.312 – 446 3621
Ambassador: Rustam Dodojonov
Visa application procedure

Embassy to Turkmenistan
Address: Ashgabad
Tel : + 993 12 355696
+ 993 12 393431
Fax : + 993 12 393174
E-mail: embtd@online.tm

Embassy to Kazakistan
Address:Al-Farabi Str, 96, Almaty
Tel/fax: (7-3272) 93-51-65, 93-51-80
Ttel/fax: 54-28-69

Embassy to Kyrgizistan
Address:Bulvar Erkindik 31 (app.2), 720040 Bishkek
Tel: 996-312 22 73 21
Visa application procedure

Embassy to Uzbekistan
Address:16, Makhmud Tarobiy Kucha 16, Tashkent
Tel: 54 84 13, 54 99 66
Fax: 54 89 69
Ambassador, HE Tajiddin Mardonov.
Visa application procedure

Embassy to Afghanistan
Embassy of Tajikistan to Afghanistan
Visa application procedure
Consulate to India
Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Tajikistan
Hotel The Surya, Friends Colony
New Delhi – 110065
Phone: 91-11-6835070
Fax: 91-11-6837758
Telex: 31-66700

Embassy to Russia
Address: Gratnyiper 13, 103001 Moscow
Tel: +7-095-29 041 86
Website: Tajikistan Embassy in Moscow (in Russian)

Embassy to USA Address
Washington and UN Address:136 East 67th Street, New York, NY 10021,
Telephone: [1] (212) 472-7645,
Fax: [1] (212) 628-0252;
Permanent representative to the UN is Rashid Alimov
Foreign Diplomatic Missions to Tajikistan

The German Embassy
(Embassy of Germany to Tajikistan also covered Austria)
Address: 2nd Proyezd, 16 Varzobskaya Street,
734017 Dushanbe
Tel: +992 -372 212819, +992 -372 21 21 89
Fax: +992 -372 212245, +992 -372 66 02 07
E-mail: deutschebotschaftduschanbe@tajnet.com

United Kingdom Embassy
Address: 43 Lutfi Street, Dushanbe, Tajikstan
Tel: (372) 224 221 or 241 477. Fax: (998) 9190 15079.
E-mail: zhenya@britishembassy-tj.com
Website: British Embassy in Tajikistan

Embassy of the U.S.A.
Address:10 Pavlov Street
Dushanbe, Tajikistan 734003
Tel. (992-372) 21-03-48, 21-03-52, 24-15-60
Fax. (992-372) 51-00-28, 21-03-62
E-mail: reception@amemb.tajik.net
Website: http://usembassy.state.gov/dushanbe/

Embassy of France
Address:17 Varzobskaia street, 734017 Dushanbe
Tel : +992 (372) 21 78 55
Fax : +992 (372) 51 00 82
Ambassador: M. Pierre ANDRIEU
E-mail : yves.manville@diplomatie.gouv.fr

Embassy of Iran
Address:130 Prospect Rudaki
Tel: +992-372 212032, 242966
Fax: +992-372 510074
E-mail: Rayztaj@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.Rayztaj.com

Embassy of Russia
Address:Oktyabrskaya Hotel, Floor 3
105A Prospect Rudaki, Dushanbe 734001
Tel: +992-372 211015
Website: Embassy of the Russian Federation
in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Embassy of China
Address: 8 Parvina Street, Dushanbe
Tel: +992-372 210194, +992-372 247851, +992-372 248187
Fax: +992-510024, +992-510063

Embassy of Japan
Address: 80A Khlopkozavodskaya St.
Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan.
Tel:(992)372-213970, (992)372-213724

Embassy of India
Address:45, Bukhoro Street,
(formerly Sveridenko Street), Dushanbe.
Tel: +992-372 216724, +992-372 211184
Head of Chancery: hocdushanbe@tojikiston.com
Cultural Wing: info.indemb@netrt.org
Afghan Embassy
Address: 34 Pushkin Street, Dushanbe
Tel: +992-372 276051, +992-372 276054
Fax: +992-372 201111

Embassy of Turkmenistan
Address: Prospekt Rudaki 105/1
Dushanbe 734000
Telephone: +992-372 210461

Embassy of Turkey
Address: 15 Rudaki Street
734012 Dushanbe
Telephone: +992-372- 51 00 12
+992-372 -21 22 08
+992-372 -21 26 03
Telefax: +992-372 -201220
+992-372-51 00 12
E-mail: turkdusa@tajnet.com

Embassy of Pakistan
Address:Hotel Tajikistan
734001 Dushanbe
Telephone: +992-372 275374
Telex: +992-372 201114
Facsimile: +992-372 275155

Embassy of Kazakistan
Address: Dushanbe
Tel: + 992 372 27-18-38
Fax: + 992 372 21-89-40
E-mail: kzdipmis@asianet.co.th

Embassy of Uzbekistan
Address: Hotel Tajikistan, Dushanbe
Tel: +992-372 212805
Fax:+992-372 212853

Useful addresses in Tajikistan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Prospekt Rudaki 42
Dushanbe 734051
Tel: +992 (372) 211 808.
Fax: +992 (372) 210 259 or 218 008
E-mail: mfa@tajik.net

Tajikistan State National Tourism Company

Tajik Tourism (Sayoh)
Pushkin Street 14, 734095 Dushanbe
Tel/fax. +992 (372) 21 90 72 and 21 71 84
E-mail: sayoh@netrt.org

Tourism in Tajikistan
Central Asian-American Enterprise Fund
Daniel R. Dougherty, Vice President
35 Kirov Street
Dushanbe, Tajikistan 734000
Tel: 7 (3772) 21-56-01, 27-22-06
Fax: 7 (3772) 21-60-13
E-mail: dushanbe@caaef.tadjikistan.su OR caaeftaj@sovam.com


From September 2003 visa can be obtained upon arrival at Dushanbe Airport with a fee.

An invitation, either official or private, is necessary for visits to Tajikistan. The length of stay should be specified on the invitation, which must be endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tajikistan. Tourists can apply for a letter of invitation from the State National Travel Agency (14 Pushkin Street, Dunshambe 734 095; tel/fax: (372) 231 401).

All travellers are advised to contact the nearest Tajikistan Embassy or Consulate for up-to-date details. Countries where Tajikistan has diplomatic representation currently include these countries .

Application requirements:
a) Completed application form.
b) One recent passport-size photo.
c) Valid passport + Three passport photographs
d) A letter, telex, fax or other confirmation of acceptance of invitation (see above) from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
e) The appropriate fee
f) Postal applications must be accompanied by a large, stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Visa application procedure

more information

PAMIR Tour can provide local transportation

Our drivers are highly experienced in driving in mountainous areas.
Minibus ( UAZ, Marshrutka) or 4×4 vehicle (jeep, NIVA, RAV4, Tayota Land Cruiser …) can take you into remote mountain places.

GBAO  permit and resricted zone

A GBAO permit can be obtained at the embassy when applying for the Tajikistan visa, or in Dushanbe at the Migration Police (OVIR).  The GBAO permit can cover all areas of GBAO, but this must be specifically requested in the application – to cover all possibilities, put the following on the form: Khorog, Murghab, Darwaz, Ishkashim, Vanj, Rushan. Once you are in possession of the complete GBAO permit, you can travel freely (except for Sarez and perhaps Zorkul – see below); any attempt by over-zealous or greedy officials should be resisted – self-confident bluff is a good weapon. Apart from the GBAO permit, special permission is required for travel only for Sarez.

All other areas should be covered by the GBAO permit, although it is prudent to check with the Tajik border guards or local travel agent in Khorog before travelling to Zorkul. The Sarez permit can be obtained free of charge at the Committee for Emergency Situations at Lohuti Street in Dushanbe, opposite the Tajik Sodirot Bank.

For Zorkul, you can obtain the permit in Khorog and Murghab. In Murghab, the building is down near the hospital: your homestay provider should be able to point you to the right place. Alternatively ask at the tourist information office and they’ll point you in the right direction.